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Testimonios / Testimonio
::  29-06-2007: René Zijderveld (Holland)
Many times since my first visit i have visited this website. Most of the times it was because i missed Rocio and i wanted to be able to go somewhere "close to her". For me this website is like a cementary where i can go to and visit her when i want. Not a day has passed that i have not thought of her and many times i still have that feeling that I want to call her, just to hear her voice, like we did all those wonderfull years before. I am very happy that you keep this website and that still more pictures are available. For me this is the place to keep her memory alive and possible for me to visit from Holland. Still i would like to try and vist her grave this summer. So I would like to ask if someone can tell me what adress and position on the cementary i have to go to, to visit her grave. I really would like to give her my last respect , that is something i have to do for myself to be able to close it emotionaly. Again I would send all the family and her friends my best wishes and want to let you all know that Rocio is still remembered by a lot of people in Holland and that she will always be in our hearts. As Rocio always said to me : "take care"


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